Month: November 2018

Blanket Donations

Today, 11/25/2018, Jacket Gymnasts will start their blanket donation drive today at the Perrysburg YMCA Gymnastics Center at 3pm until 7pm. After that donations will be accepted at PHS for 1 week. Gymnasts need to be at the gym at 3pm with supplies to make blankets.

The plan for today…(11/15/18)

Here is the plan for today (11/15/18) – practices can be held this afternoon only as of now, not mandatory. We will practice 215 to 4 pm at y. We will still do the drug test 515 and pictures 535 as scheduled at phs. We will only photograph your team if ALL team members are present, if any member is missing we will re-schedule your picture. They will only do individual pictures if the team picture is taken.  We will still drug test all those individuals in attendance. Please call or text me individually and not in group if any questions.

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