April 17 Board Meeting

All gymnasts will be recognized at the Monday, April 17 Board Meeting for making it to state as a TEAM and the individuals that qualified and alternate. (Meet at 5:15 pm in the Commodore Building Cafeteria (140 E. Indiana Ave)- meeting starts at 5:30 pm and will be excused after the recognition). It fills up quick. Get their early if you want a seat.
Pictures will be taken so dress nice.
See you there.

NLL Champions 1st place team 2017 Congratulations Jacket Gymnasts

NLL Champions 1st place team

1st Team NLL      2nd Team NLL    3rd Team NLL
Mitchell                       Jo                       Brianna
Bailey                                                    Claire

Individual Accomplishments at NLL

4th on vault
6th on bars
11th on beam tie
7th on floor
7th all around

6th on vault tie
2nd on bars
4th on beam
2nd on floor
3rd all around

7th on vault
16th on bars
9th on beam
8th on floor
10th all around

1st on vault
4th on bars
6th on beam tie
5th on floor
4th all around

7th on bars

12th on vault
18th on beam

16th on vault

16th on bars
10th on beam
13th on floor

14th on floor