Allison Kulmatycki

Allison Kulmatycki. (Fr.)

Grade : 10           Age : 16

Favorite Event :  Floor because I just really enjoy doing the big tumbling passes and performing my routine
Least Favorite Event :  Beam because I always have mental blocks on a full turn even though I’ve done about 87,395,241 turns in my life and been fine
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment : Winning first all-around at the first meet of the 2019 season (it was the first and last time I’ve ever done that) 
Why do I love Gymnastics :   I really love being able to do cool tricks and seeing myself get better and stronger
Goal : To flip a fault at some point in the season! Maybe even complete Lvl eight once this year???
Favorite Gymnast :  Emma Palmer 
In My Free Time :  Literally just school (angry face) not by choice though 
Interesting Facts About Me : I’m actually pretty good at drawing and painting, specifically with colored pencils and watercolor. I love salt water taffy (my favorite kind is chili Mango)
Tell us something we might not know about you but will be funny, interesting, or odd :  I played basketball In 5th grade when I was like 4’5”…on try out night… I still made it though. (heart and stars emoji)
Favorite TV Show :  High School Musical:The Musical:The Series 
Favorite Subject :  Art
What I want to do when I grow up : An F-16 pilot in the Air Force ROTC
Favorite Color : Neon Brown  
Facts About My Gymnastics Career :  
I started in 2009.
I’ve broken my ankle and wrist
I have never split the beam
I got on the ready board on bar for the first time last year!

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : Sr.
  • NLL Champion Team Member
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