Isabel Palmer

2018-19 Isabel (So.)

Grade : 10            Age : 16

Favorite Event : Floor, it feels like a sense of freedom for me. I feel so much joy doing it.
Least Favorite Event : I like every event but if I had to say it would be bars, mainly because I’m most rusty on it but I’m open to improvement.
 Why do I love Gymnastics : I love it because of the way it makes me feel, it makes me happy, it feels as tho it’s just me and nothing else.
Goal : I wanna get better, I wanna come back stronger than I was before.
Favorite Gymnast : Olga Korbirt
In My Free Time : I like to draw, I enjoy to be with my closest friends and family, I also enjoy anything evolving around nature.
Interesting Facts About Me : I am an Artist, I did gymnastics for 11 years but took a year off to figure out what I really wanted. I’m double-jointed in my arms & that’s kinda odd…
Favorite TV Show : Riverdale 🙂
Favorite Subject : English & Journalism
What I want to do when I grow up : I wanna write children’s books.
Favorite Color : Baby Blue
Facts About My Gymnastics Career : Done it for 11 years but took a year off to find myself again. I’ve only been back for 2 weeks so what I show you today is not the best of my abilities.

Personal Stats:

2018-19 Season : So.
  • Qualified to State Team Competition (as District Champions)
  • District Champion Team Member
  • NLL Champion Team Member
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