Rebecca Garber

Rebecca Garber

Grade : 12        Age: 17

Favorite Event :
 I’m scared of them, but enjoy practicing bars the most.
Least Favorite Event: Vault, so much energy is used for something so short.

Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment:  Pealing on an uprise sophomore year, splitting the low bar. Circling the bar & falling on my head w/o my mom watching.
Why I Love Gymnastics:  It’s a way to get my mind off things…a way to escape.
Goal: Connected bar routine with straddle cut!
Favorite Gymnast : Jordyn Weiber
In My Free Time :  Write, listen to music, read, hang out with friends.
Interesting Facts About Me : My favorite artist is Taylor Swift. Favorite Band is Relient K. Favorite animal is Kangaroo. Scared of dinosaurs, hate hot dogs & cheesecake. I want to be a writer.  Can’t sleep w/socks on. I have a blog. I play acoustic guitar. I can be kind of weird.
Favorite Movie: How to  lose a guy in 10 days
Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Subject in School: Cosmetology
What I want to do when I grow up: I want to write and do cosmetology.
Favorite Color: BLUE
Facts About My Gymnastics Career: I’m good at epicly failing & somehow surviving.
Personal Stats 2010-2011
Perrysburg vs. Maumee December 18, 2010
vault 7th, bars 9th, beam 6th, floor 6th, AA 8th
Personal Stats 2009-2010:
Whitmer/Northview/Central December 15 2009
vault 8th, bars 7th, beam 11th, floor 5th, AA 11th

Perrysburg Invitational January 1, 2010
vault 14th, bars 20th, beam 8th, floor 13th, AA 16th
Southview/Whitmer/Maumee February 6, 2010
vault 8th, bars 17th, beam 14th, floor 21th AA 20th
Districts February 27, 2010
team qualified for state
Rebecca Garber
Rebecca Garber

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