Anna Miller

Anna Miller (So.)

Grade : 11            Age : 16

Favorite Event : Floor, I love performing my floor routine and putting lots of power into tumbling!
Least Favorite Event : Beam, the width of the beam scares me! It is also to most challenging event.
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment : Bringing my level 7 team together to win regionals!
 Why do I love Gymnastics : It teaches me to overcome all sorts of obstacles, I also love the feeling of doing my skills.
Goal : Compete a flipping vault for high school gymanastics by the end of the season.
Favorite Gymnast : Shawn Johnson
In My Free Time :  Spend time with friends, watch Netflix and nap.
Interesting Facts About Me : I was born in Tennessee, I never get cold, I like writing essays. I sleep a lot, I take many naps and love to sleep in.
Favorite TV Show : Grey’s Anatomy or Friends.
Favorite Subject : English
What I want to do when I grow up : Something along the lines of journalism and politics.
Favorite Color : BLUE
Facts About My Gymnastics Career : I do club gymnastics, I have moved up levels every year, I am a level 8 gymnast.

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : So.
  • 2nd Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member
2018-19 Season : Fr
  • Qualified to State Team Competition (as District Champions)
  • District Champion Team Member
  • 3rd Team NLL honors
  • NLL Champion Team Member
2018-19 Anna (Fr.)
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