Emily Myers

Emily Meyers (Fr)

Grade : 10           Age : 16

Favorite Event : Beam because it is my best event.
Least Favorite Event : Bars, because it is my worst event.
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment : Freshman year States (especially the hotel dance party) . 
Why do I love Gymnastics : It keeps me active
Goal : To have fun
Favorite Gymnast : Simone Biles
In My Free Time : Hangout with friends
Interesting Facts About Me : I have two dogs
Tell us something we might not know about you but will be funny, interesting, or odd : My ears are really small
Favorite TV Show : Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Subject : Math
What I want to do when I grow up : Radiologist or Surgeon
Favorite Color : Blue
Facts About My Gymnastics Career : I compete for club and High School 

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : Fr.
  • NLL Champion Team Member
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