Katie Ruby

Katie Ruby (So.)

Grade : 12            Age : 18

Favorite Event : Floor, because I think it’s fun and I like to express my personality through the routine.
Least Favorite Event : Bars, because it’s difficult for me.
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment : Winning 1st place on floor at buckeye classic.
Why do I love Gymnastics : I love gymnastics because I can express myself, and it relieves my stress.
Goal : My goal is to push myself to become a level 9 by the end of high school.
Favorite Gymnast : Laurie Hernandez.
In My Free Time : I like to hangout with my friends.
Favorite TV Show : Flip or Flop
Favorite Subject : Government
What I want to do when I grow up : Pediatrician.
Favorite Color : Blue
Facts About My Gymnastics Career : I was in USAG for 3 years, my highest score was a 9.700 on floor.
Interesting Facts About Me : I love dogs, I take sign language, and my favorite food is steak.
Something Funny, Interesting or Odd : One of my ears are bigger than the other.
Other Fun Facts: I love fuzzy socks.

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : Jr.
  • 1st Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member
2018-19 Season : So.
  • Qualified to State Team Competition (as District Champions)
  • District Champion Team Member
  • All District Award
  • 1st Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member
2017-18 Season : Fr.
  • Competed on Team at State Championship
  • District Champion Team Member
  • 2nd Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member
2017-18 Katie (Fr.)
2018-19 Katie (So.)
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