Raegan Ruehle

Raegan Ruehle(Fr.)

Grade : 10           Age : 15

Favorite Event : Bars, swinging is fun?
Least Favorite Event : Beam, easy to fall off of, way too skinny, high, etc.
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment : Flipping for the first time on vault
Why do I love Gymnastics : Because I have a lot of friends there and it’s fun  getting new skills
Goal : Lvl 9 by senior year?
Favorite Gymnast : Simone Biles?
In My Free Time : I like to rollerblade, read, sleep, make a random things and play with my dog.
Interesting Facts About Me : I have a twin, I love ice cream and ramen. I also have a frog
Tell us something we might not know about you but will be funny, interesting, or odd : I like… 😉
Favorite TV Show : Stranger Things
Favorite Subject : Math
What I want to do when I grow up : Something in the medical field
Favorite Color : Pastel Yellow
Facts About My Gymnastics Career :  This will be my 8th year competing, I am at a lvl 8

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : Fr.
  • 2nd Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member
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