Raegan Ruehle

Raegan Ruehle(Fr.)

Grade : 9           Age : 14

Favorite Event : My favorite event is vault because it goes by really fast in meets an it’s pretty fun.
Least Favorite Event : My least favorite event is beam because it is the easiest to mess up on.
Most Memorable Gymnastics Moment :  Doing my first back-handspring on floor.
Why do I love Gymnastics : I love gymnastics because it’s really fun to get a skill that I never thought I could do, I also love the gymnasts and coaches.
Goal : To do my tsuk with more confidence.
Favorite Gymnast : Shawn Johnson
In My Free Time : I will be hanging out with friends, roller blading, watching a movie, or eating.
Interesting Facts About Me : I like to read as long as it’s non-fiction. I absolutely love cottage cheese. I have hyperchidrosis, my endocrinologist recommended I be a swimmer instead of a gymanst.
Favorite TV Show : Stranger Things
Favorite Subject : Math
What I want to do when I grow up : Something in the medical field.
Favorite Color : YELLOW
Facts About My Gymnastics Career : I started gymnastics when I was2, and started competing level 3 when I was 7.

Personal Stats:

2019-20 Season : Fr.
  • 2nd Team NLL
  • NLL Champion Team Member